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Anyleads Social Proof Widget Feature @Free Trial

Anyleads Social Proof Widget Feature @Free Trial

  • Install the Anyleads Social Proof widget in one click like a Google Analytics tag.Then start displaying notifications on your website.
  • Add your website into the software to get your tracking code to install on your website
  •  If you need help their customer support team will help you to do this.
Valid Till December 31, 2021
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Anyleads Personal Content Writer Feature @Free Trial

Anyleads Personal Content Writer Feature @Free Trial

  • Artificial intelligence writer for your content strategy.
  • Our virtual assistant will automatically research articles to write related to the keywords added on your dashboard. He will deliver daily unique content for your business, without doing nothing.
  • You can ask us to write your content in English, Spanish and French. We will search content and write one article per keyword each day.
Valid Till December 31, 2021

Anyleads offers you a great platform to generate leads for your business and website and increase traffic for your website. You can easily create content with any leads with unlimited access in the best manner. 



  1. Anyleads Prospecting:   This product is very much useful as it will help you to know about the best domains and their usage. Prospecting includes the following features
  • Enrich domains-  This is the most important feature to generate a huge amount of leads. You just need to upload a list of domain names and Anyleads will provide you all the details regarding that domain that will include 40 major points of the companies that you have to listen which will help you to generate leads.
  • Company Minner: This feature helps you to prove all the E-mail ids of the company members just by entering their names and surnames. Youtube discovered with each email id of every contact number. You get to know all the details on an excel sheet
  • Convert Names Into domains. Any leads help you to grow and expand the business. You just need to paste the name on any leads and then these names are been converted into domain names.
  • Verify Emails: While doing email campaigns it is so much difficult to send emails to valid customers this leads to the creation of spam mails and the customers don’t receive the correct mail in order to resolve the issue Anyleads has found this feature of verifying emails this feature deletes all the duplicates mails and the feature helps that the email reaches to the valid customers. It removes all the duplicate emails and makes your work simpler.
  • Email finder: The email finder is a very useful tool as it provides you all the details of the email with the given domain names you provide. With this tool, you can easily export all the emails into your CSV


  1. Youtube subtitles Extractor: This tool offered by Anyleads is very much useful. You can easily extract any subtitles from youtube based on any niche you want. The content here is not indexed and you can work on it smoothly. The feature provides you with multi-language content that will fit into your SEO in different languages. We are also been provided with hundreds of images that can be useful for you to enhance your text and make it better.

With this subtitle extractor, you can create content directly into HTML that makes your work simpler and reduces time. Easily organize your content into folders to make the work look better and easily you can find.


  1. Anyleads B2B Exchange: With this tool of B2B exchange you can publish your links on the internet and grow easily. The tool provides you with the following features to enhance your wor and generate more traffic-
  • Publish Content: Once you are ready with your campaigns you just need to publish content on the Anyleads Once the content gets approval our team will share the content on the Anylads community and all the influencers to grow the reach for your content.
  • Infinite Loop: Infinite loop is one of the best ways to grow your content. If your content is valuable for the community and helps your content will start running on a loop on our platform and this way you will get hundreds of likes and shares on your work with 

all the real users.

  • Boost social impact: So now your content is growing the more likes comments shares you get it will help you to gain more views and you can easily be recognized by people.
  • Connect to influencers: Once your content is added into the B2B exchange platform community your content reaches the community of all the influencers. The more traffic you have more leads you can generate with it.
  1. Personal writer: Anyleads offers you a personal content writer any leads virtual assistant researches articles for you and provides you with all the related articles for you. The virtual assistant provides you with daily unique articles to make them work better. The tool provides the following services 

Multi-languages- The company provides you with a variety of SEO based articles in different  languages that you require English, Spanish and French

Planner- The planner service is very much essential as it works as a calendar and provides you with an article on a daily basis. You can download the content into a PDF form.

  1. Social Proof Widget- Anyleads offers you a social proof widget that acts like a one-click google analytics tag into it. This tool provides you with all the notifications for your work. You can add up custom widgets and then rotate as many notifications you want to display on it.
  2. Sales Chatbot-  The company offers you to create unlimited Chatbot to create sales out of it. With this feature, you can easily create customize it according to your needs and preferences.




The company offers you the most affordable prices and the company offers you all the unlimited features. The pricing cost around $99 a month that includes the following features:

  • Unlimited emails to discover
  • Unlimited drip campaigns 
  • The company offers you unlimited emails to send
  • Unlimited senders
  • Unlimited teammates that the company provides you
  • Unlimited email verifications
  • Unlimited customer support system
  • Unlimited access to all the products and services.



Anyleads is one of the greatest companies in leads generation. The company offers you features at a competitive price that other companies don’t offers. The people are very much satisfied with their services and must recommend the company by all the users. They have a great support center 



Q1. If I have taken Anyleads subscription how can I cancel it?

Ans. There is a simple way to cancel the subscription anytime you want no extra cost is been charged to cancel it just in the chatbox you can talk to customer support and they will cancel it. Anyleads does not take any contract from you so you can cancel all the services anytime you want.


Q2. How does the company offer services at a lower price?

Ans. The company has the aim to provide the lowest services in the best possible manner. With the research, the company came to know each business can’t afford expensive services so in order for each business can afford the services the company has reduced the prices in the best manner