Aweber is one of the leading email marketing company that offers you great marketing services to grow your business in the best manner. The company offers you powerful services specially designed to grow small scale businesses.




  1. Smarter design- Aweber offers you new designs and developments so that you can easily create all your emails in just a few seconds. The company will offer you an email template designer to make your work easier. 
  2. Landing Page Builder- The page builder feature is one of the most important features offered by Aweber as the landing pages help you to generate clients out of it. With the landing page builder facility, you get access to all the templates related to the landing pages the company also offers you a pre-stocked image library that helps you to take images from it and work o it. There are even videos available on the website that guides how to create amazing landing pages with the drag and drop feature.
  3. Email automation- Another great feature that the company offers the email automation that sends emails to the clients based on their behaviors of the audience to make a good relation with them. You can send triggered email campaigns to all your subscribers on their requirements. You can tag up your clients and send them emails the more relevant emails you send the more you have a chance to create links with your audience. Aweber offers you a simple drag and drops feature to set all the automation and make work simpler. The company even offers free training and webinars that make you more clear and everything is understandable.
  4. Ecommerce- Aweber provides you a great feature for your eCommerce business to set up your online presence and drives out more sales with it. This is a powerful and simple email marketing tool that makes your business look better by growing your audience with the help of your eCommerce website. Tagging all the prospects based buyer to get sales and sending even cart emails to get in touch with all the clients. The company even allows you to connect with top eCommerce solutions like WOO Commerce, Paypal, and many other gateway options. There are on-demand classes that will teach you to about the 6 steps to design an eCommerce marketing funnel to grow your business even more.
  5. Free Migration Service- Aweber offers you the platform that helps you to migrate all the stuff you have designed on the website for free. The process is very simple to migrate your work.
  • With the help of the customer solution provided by the company you can do your migration
  • The work that you have designed will be stored on the Aweber
  • You need to fill up the basic details that will help you to migrate your work very much easily.
  1. Manage all your segment subscribers- With the feature, you can deliver targeted emails to your clients and customers. The company provides you with a feature to create your own tags and segments. You can use all the tags and custom fields to create your subscribers. This feature will help you to find your right target audience and you can generate your sales. You can even design your segments of the subscribers based on the activity performed by them. All the clients can be provided with the signup form that will help you to keep track of each and every client and grow your business.


PRICING OFFERED BY AWEBER- The company provides all their services at competitive prices that can help you to grow your business. There are even free as well as pro plans that you can use based on your needs and preferences.

The free plan offered by Aweber includes the following features-

  • You can easily grow your business with the free plan and gain subscribers of around 500
  • You can send 3000 emails very easily.
  • In the free plan, you are offered 1 profile
  •  You have access to the email automation facility.
  • RSS to mail facility is integrated into this plan 
  • Drag and drop email facility offered to you
  • The company provides you 100s of email templates
  • HTML emails integrated into the plan
  • You are been given AMP emails and dynamic content 
  • There are unlimited landing pages offered to you 
  • Themes for landing pages are included in it
  • Thousands of images offered to you
  • A video landing page is given to you
  • There are custom domains that are available
  • A signup form with a WordPress plugin to enhance the user experience
  • With this plan, you can send emails to create basic segments.
  • Message analytic feature to track all your work 
  • You can integrate eCommerce with them 
  • Free migration and 24*7 live support are there.
  • The free plan provides you all the basic features that you can choose

The PRO plan includes the following features-

  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Unlimited emails 
  • Unlimited list profiles
  • With this plan, you can easily create newsletters and then send it
  • RSS to email facility included in it 
  • The email split testing and behavioral automation are given to you.
  • With the plan, you remove the Aweber branding 
  • Aweber even provides you with clickable links 
  • Signup split form testing is even given to you
  • You can save and send customer segments
  • Advanced message facility is been there in this pro plan 
  • A webpage tracking feature is been given
  • Sales tracking and purchase tagging is been there
  • You  can easily connect with your subscribers  and send messages to them
  • Including these features mentioned above, you are been given all the free features also to enhance your working experience and grow up your business in the best possible way.
  • The cost of the plan costs around $16.15 a month 




Q1. What roles are available in my Aweber account?

Ans. Aweber allows you to add unlimited users to the account and offers 3 roles to you. The owner, admin, and team member. 

The owner has access and invites to all the new users

The admin has access to billing info and we can view and edit.

The team member does not get access to the billing info


Q2. What is the page hit automation?

Ans. Page Automation is a great feature through which you can automatically send mail to dedicated clients to grow your business easily. This page automation helps you to come to know about the client’s behavior and their needs and preferences.