Benchmark is one of the leading Email Marketing companies that are very much powerful and designed for growth. The company offers you various tools that make your work simpler and you can create relationships. With the help of email marketing software, you can easily grow your business. You can spend less time on setup and easy customization is been offered.



  1. Email Marketing- This feature helps you to create better emails the company offers you various email marketing tools that will make your work simpler. No extra coding language is needed to run these tools. With the help o the drag and drop feature you can design your emails. The HTML code editor gives you a preview of each code what is happening and how your mail is been designing this helps you to make your work easier and better. The email marketing tool provides you with photo editing software through which you can design your emails in the best possible manner. The software includes pre-built email templates for different areas of interest. Easily you can customize your colors based on your needs and preferences.
  2. Marketing Automation- Benchmark offers you a great automation tool through which you can send automated emails to all your clients. You can easily drive out revenue with these emails. With the help of the marketing automation feature, you can easily send a welcome email to all the people immediately who subscribes to you. With great templates, you can easily convert your subscribers into leads and create sales out of it.\

The marketing automation tool even provides you with many resources that can help you to grow your work easily. There are many various webinars as well blog posts that provide you with strategies that can help you to generate leads.

Lead Generation- This tool is a great feature that helps you to generate leads and grow your business. With the help of list builders, surveys, and automation you can grow your engagement. The tool provides you with the following features 

  • List Building- With the help of the listed building software you can easily design up your forms through which your subscribers can subscribe. With these signup forms, you can gather new contacts and place these list building signup forms on the social media websites to grow your network.
  • Landing page- The landing page is the most important page to attract most of the clients. With the drag and drop feature design your landing page very easily. No coding is been required to design these pages

Reporting-  Benchmark provides you a great tool known as reporting that helps you track and report about the progress you are doing. You can find the areas where your campaigns are lacking and you can work on it. Easily you can understand how your subscribers interact with your emails. You can easily find which one will produce higher click rates in the best manner.

Integrations- The company is integrated with more than 1500 plus services. You can easily integrate with WordPress, Facebook, Shopify, and many more to rank up your business very much easily. With these apps, you can link up your customers with various websites and grow your business.




FREE PLAN- The plan includes the following features

  • Basic email marketing
  • Lite marketing automation
  • Simple lead generation
  • Basic Reporting
  • Email white-labeling
  • Dedicated IP  address 
  • Basic support 
  • The plan is specially designed for the business that is just starting up 


PRO PLAN- The plan includes the following features 

  • Advanced email marketing platform to work on 
  • Pro marketing automation feature
  • Advance lead generation 
  • Advanced reporting 
  • Email White labeling
  • A dedicated IP is been provided 
  • Premium support available 
  • Unlimited emails are been provided 
  • The cost of the plans starts at $13 a month 
  • The plan is well designed for all the medium and large scale businesses.




Benchmark is overall ranked as a great company that offers you amazing features at a very reasonable price. You can choose the plans on a monthly,  6 month, or annual subscription process. You can even try a free trial to get to know how the services work and if you like you can easily purchase them. The live training and webinar feature that the company offers is really great and appreciated by most people. The design of the email is very simple here, and all the users are able to design very easily. The only issue that was found in the company was the cancellation process the company takes a lot of time to cancel your services. When you try to cancel the services the chat process talks to u a lot in the order you do not deactivate the services, and sometimes it wastes a lot of time. Definitely, the company is value for money and at least you should try the services once 



Q1. Is it possible to add google analytics to our email marketing platform?


Ans. Yes, it is possible to google analytics to your email marketing platform. If you are using google analytics for your website then you can easily track up the clicks from the benchmark email campaigns.

To track results from google analytics you need to follow the steps below.

  • Login in to your benchmark email account 
  • You need to select or create a campaign you want to set up
  • You need to turn on google analytics under the advanced options 
  • Now you can easily track your work with the help of google analytics.


Q2. How can I make a copy of an existing email?


Ans. It is very simple to copy an email and creates a duplicate with it just follow these steps below and copy your email

  • Login in to your benchmark account 
  • Click on the Dashboard tab in the menu option 
  • Find the email you want to copy and create a duplicate of it 
  • Click on the three dots above and select the duplicate option 
  • You will be sent to a duplicate popup menu where you can rename your email and forward it.

Q3. Can I add up Cascading style sheets on my website?


Ans. You can easily add up CSS on your website to make it look more presentable but while we use email sometimes CCS makes the email looks weirder so it is recommended not to use  CSS on your website rather you can use inline style to make it your website better.