Bluehost is a web hosting company that provides you with great services across the globe. The company provides you with high quality and reasonable priced domains that each individual can afford easily. Bluehost provides you with all the tools to develop a good quality website. It is one of the leading companies on the globe.

Services provided by Bluehost

  1. Shared Hosting: This is the most commonly used website hosting in which a single server is been shared by multiple websites. The disk space memory is been shared among different websites that become useful for all websites to use it. Using the shared hosting service helps you in reducing the cost of the server hence most of the users prefer to use shared hosting.
  2. Reseller Hosting:It is a type of hosting in which three parties are involved in it. A hosting provider, small or medium scale business, and the third party who uses this service. In such type of hosting generally a small or medium scale business rents the hosting service from a huge company and then provide it to the clients. This hosting helps these small and medium businesses to grow in the market. It helps small and medium businesses to add additional services to their plans.
  3. VPS Hosting: VPS stands for the virtual private server it is one of the best service providers that one can opt for. With the help of virtual technology, it provides you with a dedicated server that can be beneficial for you. It is safer and secure than other hosting services. If you are expecting huge traffic on your website VPS Hosting could be a good option for your business or a blog page.
  4. Dedicated Hosting: It generally refers to all the hosting plans and all the packages that create a dedicated server. Dedicated hosting plans are useful for people who want to develop a website on WordPress and are expecting more traffic on their websites.
  5. E-mail Hosting: In such type of hosting generally a hosting service rents out e-mail services to the users. These hosting services are generally used by people who have access to the email on a regular basis. If you use premium e-mail services you get the dedicated email portals that you can customize accordingly. You are been provided with advanced email management and creation features.

Features Of Bluehost

  1. Storage facility: Bluehost provides you with the best storage options that can be useful for your business to create an online presence. The average plan of Bluehost provides you with a storage of 50 GB of space with unmetered bandwidth. The storage can be increased according to your needs.
  2. Control panel: Bluehost provides the dedicated control panelfacility that helps you to manage your whole website. Bluehost provides you with a great cross-platform facility that supports in both windows and Linux. The Control panel provides you with active directory management. It helps you to manage all the multiple works at a single point of time it includes all the additional resources. A website builder facility is included in the control panel that helps to create a good website.
  3. Server Migration facility: Bluehost provides you with a server migration facility through which you can easily migrate your website from one server to another.
  4. Security Tools: Bluehost provides you with various security options to protect your website from hackers. The company provides you with a spam protection facility that automatically filters the spam mails and sends it to you. Firewall system installed through which no hacker can enter your website. Malware dedication tools available and other features to protect your website from hackers and spammers a great security step by the Bluehost.

Reviews about Bluehost

Overall Bluehost is been recommended by most of the people and it has created a good name in the market. With one of the best UP TIME, people are quite satisfied with their services. Bluehost also provides you with great security options that are beneficial for you all. People generally loved their e-commerce options and with the easy interface, people are using their services again and again. The major issues people face are they need to pay a high amount of renewable amounts that people find difficult to purchase each time. One major issue is that the migration of the website is not free you need to pay the amount. Overall the Company is quite good people highly recommend to use the company

FAQS (Bluehost)

Q1. How can you transfer the domain to Bluehost?

There are a few simple points you need to keep in mind before transferring the domain to Bluehost

  • Bluehost only allows you to transfer these domains mentioned com, net, org, us, co, info, and biz.apart from there, no domain can be transferred to Bluehost
  • If you just transfer your domain before your renewal of 45days you make lose the domain renewable time so it is highly recommended to wait for at least 45 days.
  • If you don't want any delay in your domain transfer process complete the 5 steps before transferring mentioned on our website.
  • Once you follow these steps you can easily transfer the domain.

Q2. How to transfer Blogger to WordPress?

Transferring your blogger website to our Bluehost website cannot be done directly. Blogspot is not an actual website though it provides you a feature to export all your content easily. To export the content you need to open your control panel. Click on manage import blogger and follow the step by step guide to import all the content to WordPress

Q3. Why do most of the updates come in the middle?

We inform all the customers before all the updates through emails and notifications in order to make the work smoother. Generally, the updates are done in the evening in order to reduce the load and take less time on the business. However, we are working on regular bug fixes in order to maintain the systems and development on a regular basis. This process is been improved on a regular basis.


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BlueHost  Discount Category

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