Brand mentions are one of the leading and most effective brand mention company with its easy support and 24*7 support the company has maintained its name in the market. The company works in every corner to find the most relevant mentions about anyone and the brand. With the help of brand mentions, you can easily manage your brand reputation.



  1. Competitors Spying: It is one of the most essential tools that is been offered by BRAND MENTIONS that helps you to analyze your competitors’ strategies. The tool provides you with exact information related to your competitors and you can grow your business with it in the best possible manner. You can spy on other businesses from different angles so that you can get a clear picture of them. With the help of the tool, you can find other businesses weakness and implement on your business to grow more in the market.


Brand Monitoring:  The tool plays a vital role in your business as you can easily monitor the most important channels on social media. With the help of this tool, you can easily get fresh mentions for your business and  You can easily track every mention of your business products or services. The tool offers you to grow your business in the best way.

Media Monitoring: Brand Mentions offers you a tool of media monitoring through which you can easily come to know about the mentions of your brand as soon as somebody posts on social media. With the help of this tool, you can easily monitor your social media handles.


Business Intelligence: To grow your business among various companies proper data and information are required. With the help of this tool, you can find out the information and convert it into actionable information. Brand mentions offer you 24*7 useable information that can be used for your business this information can be used to take up better decisions. The information provided can be used to grow your business and the information provided stays with you permanently.

Brand Mentions Wiki: This tool is public relations and digital marketing encyclopedia that will help you to boom your business to the next level. This tool offers you various features that are very much useful for your business. The tools included are  Influencer marketing, Brand monitoring, Social media managing, Public relations, and many more additional features that can grow your business to the next level.




  1. Growing Business Plan: It includes the following features
  • 3 Keywords
  • 15 keywords can be tracked 
  • 000 Historical mentions can be done
  • 6 months of historical data available
  • 1 Shareable dashboard available
  • Daily alerts provided
  • Mentions research tools provided
  • You can easily analyze your sentiments
  • Easily manage your filters
  • You can design your customizable reports
  • Export your data anytime you want 
  • 2 User seats 
  • The cost of the plan is $99 a month 


Company Plan: It includes the following features

  • Add up to 10 Keywords
  • 50 Keywords tracked 
  • 000 Historical keywords
  • 1 year of historical data
  • 10 Shareable dashboards
  • Real-time alerts available
  • Multiple languages and countries provided
  • Mention research tool provided
  • Sentiment analysis provided
  • Filters and analytics
  • Customizable reports available
  • Data exports
  • 10 User seats 
  • Priority email support
  • Instagram influencers
  • Extra mention sources
  • White-label reports
  • Dedicated phone support 
  • The cost of the plan  offers $299 a month
  • The plan is best designed for all the medium scale businesses that can rank up easily,


Enterprise Plan: The plan includes the following features 

  • Unlimited Projects
  • 150 keywords projects trackers
  • 000 Historical moments
  • 3 years of historical data 
  • Unlimited shareable dashboards
  • Real-time alerts 
  • It is available in multiple languages 
  • Mentions Research tool 
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Filters and analytics 
  • Customizable reports provided
  • Data exports 
  • 20 user seats
  • Priority Email support
  • Instagram influencers
  • Extra mention sources
  • White label reprot dedicated phone support 
  • Account manager 
  • API available 
  • The cost of the plan is$499 a month




Brand mentions have been the most consistent company to provide great services at reasonable prices. The clients using their services are very much satisfied. With their great customer support team, people are able to resolve their services very easily. The setup is very simple and you can easily use it. With the help of the notification feature, all the clients are able to grow their business as soon as they get any update with it. The company is helping businesses to stay updated with time and grow accordingly. It is recommended to try their services once in a lifetime. Brand Mentions will offer you a 7-day free trial that you can use and try their services once.


Affiliate Program offered by Brand Mentions


Brand mentions offerers its customers with an affiliate program that is a great way for their clients to earn revenue out of it. This affiliate program works on a commission basis where just by referring company services you earn money. This is a great way to earn large revenue out of it. More than 10k plus users are the member of the brand mentions and they get a lifetime commission of 30% that is very high.