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Interserver company is a new jersey company which is found in 1999. Now, Interserver does all the work associated with their hosting business, including building their servers, developing their nationwide fiber-optic network, and customize their Linux kernel. Good quality hardware is used by Interserver and is proud of underestimating their redundancy and resources to ensure unnecessary performance and uptime for you, no matter which web hosting plan you choose.

InterServer prides themselves on their best customer service, and one of the ways they ensure this is by implementing a daily signup limit. The company usually limits the number of daily subscriptions to 100. The range is used to ensure that the company can best meet the needs of existing customers and new users. Keep this in mind if you are coordinating a project launch and want to use Interserver.

(A) Hosting service by Inter server

 Interserver provides different "levels" within each plan so that you can choose and pay only for the resources you need. Pricing starts from $5 per month and Interserver gave a price-lock guarantee which means that users do not have to feel pressured to sign up for a long-term hosting subscription and can know how much they will spend for the life of the account. Customers will pay a nominal premium for shared hosting, but Interserver includes performance, reliability, and support to justify the expense.

(B) Features offer by inter-server

  1. Data centers run at 50% capacity, meaning that your site has room to grow and will not experience performance issues.
  2. InterServer guarantees 100% power uptime and 99.9% network uptime. Defining a fully automated redundancy and an N + 1 upgrade policy, the company's network connects to multiple Tier 1 provider
  3. The convenience of a price-lock guarantee, which means you will pay the same value for the same infrastructure and facilities for the life of your account. No annual rate increases.
  4. Unlimited storage, bandwidth, website, email, and database are included for free with CloudFare CDN and SSL certificates.
  5. Interserver's free migration feature means customers can move their website to their new account with little or no downtime. Migration takes place within 48 hours, and Interserver will help change the name holders and transfer your domain registration.
  6. InterServer complements the cloud with its VPS and accelerated servers. Dedicated server resources run through KVM virtualization and are ready in 20 minutes or less.
  7. Five reseller account options are available including unlimited domains, SSDs, private DNS, a unique IP address, management tools via WHM, and no setup fees.

(C) Various type of hosting plans

Interserver provides various types of hosting plans now we describe about the type of hosting plans.


VPS stands for Virtual private server and its use for when a large server is divided into several smaller virtual servers, each acting as an independent environment. With VPS Hosting there is a set amount of dedicated resources for your needs. VPS hosting is one of the most popular hosting solutions available on the market today.

  1. Cloud Hosting Plan

It is the best option for small businesses and Cloud hosting means that data is stored in the cloud on many different web servers instead of a single shared or dedicated server.

  1. Reseller Hosting Plan

Five different types of reseller hosting offer by Interserver and the difference between of package is the amount of disk space. Regardless of whichever package you choose, you get client management, unlimited domains, access to one-click scripts, and Web Host Manager for MySQL databases running on solid states.

  1. Shared Hosting Plan

Three types of shared hosting plans offered by the inter-server user can choose any plans according to their own choice all plans include unlimited storage, transfer, and e-mail. Standard and WordPress plans comes with a free SSL certificate.

A. Standard plan

The first plan is a standard plan and it is used when if you are just starting out or if you have light traffic, then this plan will meet your needs.

B.Window plan

The second plan is the same as the first standard plan and the server runs Microsoft products instead of open-source / Linux-based software


If you are looking for a plan to host your WordPress site then this plan is for you. It is similar to other shared plans but includes features such as version control, anti-virus protection, and daily backup.

  1. Dedicated hosting Plan

Interserver's dedicated plans support peak performance, highest levels of reliability, and heavy traffic. Servers support operating systems that do not support virtualization. In this plan, many features include like five IP addresses, 100mb or 1GB port, 10tb transfer rate, and many more.

(D) Frequently asked questions.

Ques.1 Can I pay in full? Yearly?

Ans. The one-year payment option is available with a 10% discount during the sign-up process. In addition, a prepay can be made in your MY customer portal to keep credit in your account. The amount available in prepay will be deducted as your monthly invoices are created. Prepayment does not give any discount on your monthly fee.

Ques.2 Difference Between OpenVZ, KVM, OR CLOUD?

Ans. OpenVZ, KVM, and Cloud are different platforms on which we provide hosting. Each has its unique advantages, disadvantages, and price differences.

Ques.3 Are Vps is managed fully?

Ans. VPS is fully managed by Interserver and also support problems related to any operating system you are running. Like boot issue, security update, patch, reinstall, etc. If your server is purchased from a control panel such as cPanel. Interserver supports any software installed by the control panel like control panel itself, web server, FTP, mail, etc, and not support any 3rd party software such as blogs, scripts, and forums.

Ques.4 How many IPS come with VPS?

Ans.  VPS comes with 1 IP address. There can be a maximum of 5 additional IPs on your VPS or cloud. You can purchase additional IP directly for $ 3 per IP per month in our control panel

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InterServer Rapid Deploy Dedicated Server

Start at $80/mo

Rapid Deploy Dedicated Server

InterServer GPU Dedicated Server

Start at $180/mo

 GPU Dedicated Server

InterServer 10gbps Dedicated Server

Start at $199/mo

10gbps Dedicated Server

InterServer Dedicated Storage Server

Start at $299/mo

Dedicated Storage Server

InterServer Dedicated Server

Start at $80/mo

 Dedicated Server

Interserver Discount Category

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Interserver Non-Profit Hosting 

Start at $0.00/mo

Non-Profit Hosting 

Interserver Blog Hosting 

Start at $4.00/mo

 Blog Hosting 

Interserver Website Builder

Start at $4.00/mo

Website Builder

Interserver Student Web Hosting 

Start at $4.00/mo

Student Web Hosting 

Interserver E-commerce Web Hosting

Start at $4.00/mo

 E-commerce Web Hosting

Interserver Discount Category 

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Interserver cPanel Hosting 

Start at $4.00/mo

 cPanel Hosting 

Interserver Prestashop Web Hosting 

Start at $4.00/mo

Prestashop Web Hosting 

Interserver Magneto Web Hosting 

Start at $4.00/mo

 Magneto Web Hosting 

Interserver Joomla Web Hosting 

Start at $5.00/mo

Joomla Web Hosting 

Interserver CentOs VPS Hosting 

Start at $6.00/mo

CentOs VPS Hosting 

Interserver Discount Category 

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Interserver Debian VPS Hosting 

Start at $6.00/mo

Debian VPS Hosting 

Interserver cPanel VPS Hosting 

Start at $6.00/mo

cPanel VPS Hosting 

Interserver WordPress VPS Hosting 

Start at $6.00/mo

WordPress VPS Hosting 

Interserver VPS Hosting 

Start at $6.00/mo

 VPS Hosting 

Interserver Webuzo VPS

Start at $6.00/mo

Webuzo VPS

Interserver Discount Category  

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Interserver WordPress Hosting 

Start at $ 6.00/mo

WordPress Hosting 

Interserver Windows VPS Hosting

Start at $ 10.00/mo

Windows VPS Hosting

Interserver Cloud Virtual Private Server 

Start at $ 6.00/mo

Cloud Virtual Private Server 

Interserver Reseller Web Hosting 

Start at $19.95/mo

 Reseller Web Hosting 

Interserver Private Email Hosting 

Start at $ 4.00/mo

 Private Email Hosting 

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Interserver Windows ASP.NET Web Hosting 

 Start at $4/mo

Windows ASP.NET Web Hosting 

Interserver Standard Web Hosting 

 Start at $1/3mo

Standard Web Hosting