Known SRV

Known SRV established in 2013 and it's a European-based company. In spite of being new to the market, they have established a reputation as a good offshore hosting provider with excellent customer service. The main focus of KnownSRV is to provide a high level of service at a very competitive price. As a leading provider of cheap hosting solutions, KnownSRV offers an array of web hosting plans designed for every shared budget, including cheap shared cPanel hosting, powerful dedicated and VPS solutions. They also offer domain registration, transfer, and renewal services.

(A) Four web hosting provided by known SRV

  1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting packages run at 1 Gbps port speed and data is secured with daily backups. These SS 10 drive runs are configured in RAID 10 and include soft calls for app installation and customers get the unlimited email account, domains, bandwidth, FTP account, and my SQL database.

  1. VPS server

Data are safe with DDoS security and free daily backups, moreover, VPS servers are fully managed. OpenVZ 7 or KVM virtualization-related free options are available to customers and VPS servers can be upgraded at any time. Customers guarantee active monitoring and support for MySQL and Nginx optimization.

  1. Dedicated server

Free migration to dedicated servers and 1 Gbps port speed - powerful hardware all powered by HP. Their network is built entirely with brocade and juniper devices. Customers can upgrade their plans from network to hardware by purchasing add-ons individually from their servers. These can be upgraded on 20 Gbps dedicated lines and more than 100TB of storage.

(B) Pricing plan

KnownSRV offers plans ranging from $ 3 to $ 15.. The price depends on which type of hosting plan you choose. Offshore hosting providers are generally more expensive than their regular counterparts, but KnownSRV packages cost significantly more and are higher than their non-offshore competitors.

They also offer you more discount for long term selection. There is no free plan available, but they have a seven-day money-back guarantee on shared cPanel hosting and VPS hosting packages. Only first-time customers are eligible for this refund. It is possible to upgrade or downgrade your hosting package, but only by contacting customer support; There is no option to do this directly from your user admin panel.

(C) Features of KNOWN SRV

  1. Best Pricing

There may not be the cheapest plans, but non SRV prices are extremely reasonable, just remember that quality comes at a price, and we offer it at affordable prices.

  1. Security

The problem comes in the face of many, some of which cannot be helped, but we know here that the most common problems in Nouns RRVs are systems that we can detect, and even our highly dedicated experienced staff Together we are able to provide safe, efficient services.

  1. Service management

KnownSRV is a well-known management provider. It manages your server free of charge, so the service has a custom security setup for serving / caching static content to improve your loading speed/performance in front of full security including Negnex or varnish settings. is. Need to fully secure or/and optimize your server for heavy traffic sites?

  1. Various payment method

known SRV support PayPal, Skrill, Payza, WebMoney, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney payment method. If you do not have a payment method mentioned, contact known srv to find out if any other methods can be arranged.

  1. Customer support

KnownSRV's customer support is fantastic. They support live chat this is possible only when accessing your account, knowledge base, and ticketing system, and usually responds very quickly when you contact them.

  1. Neither Prism nor the Patriot Act

Security and privacy are given the highest priority. We have both technical and legal systems that allow us to protect your business and privacy. Known SRV not just suspend your site, because someone does not like your content or you have a personal beef.

(D) Review of KNOWN SRV.

It is hard to stumble upon a web host that offers such great features at economical prices. Therefore one should always seize the opportunity before it is late. KnownSRV has everything you could ever ask for. From outstanding server speed to unbreakable security and security, you have it all.

You also get additional benefits like free migration, 24/7 support, money-back guarantee, and much more. Now, amidst all these money-mind chaos, you are more than likely to choose a web host that is not suitable for you. You should not compromise on the well being of your website. After all, your website represents your business on a global platform. If you have no or little experience in which web hosting to go for, this is the right place.

Frequently asked questions

Ques.1 How much does a KnownSRV plan cost?

Ans. KnownSRV offers plans ranging from $ 3 to $ 15. The price depends on which type of hosting plan you choose. Known SRV provides many types of hosting plans.

Ques.2 Which known plan should I get?

Ans. My recommendation is to start with an inexpensive plan later you can always upgrade. KnownSRV can help you migrate to a more expensive plan. The growth of visitors is often higher than expected and you should not pay too much money unless needed.  Your needs may vary, and you can consult a hosting specialist at KnownSRV.

Ques.3 Is KnownSRV good customer support or not?

Ans. A small hosting company has advantages - as a customer, you are more important to them and they also support live chat.

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