(A) KW Finder

KWFinder is an intuitive keyword research tool design developed by Mangools. KWFinder is the flagship product of Mangools, the company has expanded its SEO tools to include SERPWatcher (Rank Tracker), SERPChecker (Google Competitive Analyst), LinkMiner (Backlink Analyst), and SiteProfiler (Website Analyst).

KWFinder is a keyword research tool that helps identify the best long-tail keywords to target and hit the sweet spot of high search volume and low competition. It is also the best Google Keyword Planner option as it provides accurate monthly search volume along with many other useful metrics.

The interface in the tool is simple, easy to use and it displays data visually, leading to a lot of complexity from the research process. It favors KWFinder for marketers, bloggers, and SEO experts alike.

(B) Beginning with KWFinder

To get started with KWFinder, visit their website, and create your free account. You will do three keyword lookup per day and three SERP lookup one free plan, and you will get 50 keyword suggestions per search. Keyword research with KWFinder is very simple and it starts with entering your query in the search box.

(C) Find keywords with kw finder

The simple search box allows you to enter your keyword, select a specific language, and also allows you to limit its results to a particular country or city. If you want to drive local search traffic to your site, location-specific results can be very useful. If you have a list of ready keywords, you can import it from a CSV file to KWFinder.

When entering your keyword and specifying the location and language, click "Analyze" and all your results will appear on one screen. The tool will return tons of keywords related to CPC from the search volume and difficulty on the left side of the dashboard.

(D) Keyword list

KWFinder lets you build a keyword list so that you can save and organize your keywords efficiently. Simply select the keywords you want to add to the list and then click the "Add to List" button. You will now be able to enter a name for the new list and can save it for later use and you can manage your list from the menu to add more keywords or remove people you are not interested in.

(E) Pricing

Two Basic bills of $ 12.42 month per year or $ 29 bill per month, and a premium bill of $ 24.92 a month per year or $ 49 per month. Mangos, the company behind KWFinder, has two payment plans. You can save 50% by opting for an annual subscription. The basic plan consists of 100 keywords per day and 100 SERP lookup, with 200 related keywords per search. In the premium tier, the number of lookups for both KWFinder and SERPChecker has increased to 500 with 700 keywords per search.

(F) What are Metrics?

  1. Difficulty in keyword

The SEO tools 'keyword is hard' keyword which has an SEO difficulty score of 100 to 63 to rank. KWFinder first calculates keyword difficulty in real-time based on the SEO statistics of pages on Google SERP. Naturally, you will want to target keywords with less SEO difficulty so that they have a better chance of ranking on SERPs.

  1. The trend

For keyword suggestions, the tool displays a small graph chart showing the monthly search trends for that period in the last twelve months.

  1. Search volume

The upper right panel shows the average monthly search volume based on data from the previous twelve months.

  1. SERP Results

When you research for a keyword, KWFinder will display Google's top results for each keyword, as well as its domain authority, page authority, number of backlinks, social shares, and more. You can use the "result filter" feature if your search demands additional accuracy. Which lets you apply various filters for the most relevant results.

The new SERPChecker tool is used to let you know more about Google SERP. You can easily access it from the right panel of KWfinder.

(G) How to use KW finder

I will go through a brief overview of using KWFinder for research and evaluation of keywords.

  1. Seed keywords

The first is to enter your "seed" keyword in the search box. Seed keywords mean for which you want to rank related keywords or phrases. You have a few different tabs available that can help you find more long-tail keywords and also you can change the location for your search, and specify the language.

  1. Keyword search result

After running your search, you will be taken to the main dashboard to analyze your results.

Displays almost all the necessary data on the main dashboard. It has a very impressive interface in KWFinder. You can see your search results on the left and individual keyword data on the right.

  1. Filters help to find similar keywords

you can apply different filters, to improve your query and find better long-tailed keywords. There is also an option to set cost-per-click (CPC) and pay-per-click (PPC) limits and include keywords. You can only apply filters to your results, not to your initial search, which can be a bit disappointing.

  1. Analyze competition

The keyword difficulty score is often sufficient for beginners, with more advanced users wanting to manually review SERPs.

You can click the "Analyze SERP" button to access the SERPChecker tool, it will just be from the main dashboard. SERPChecker provides a clean color-coded summary of key metrics, in addition to social shares.

Frequently asked questions.

Ques.1 Annually or Monthly options are available?

And. Yes, we have both annual and monthly plans. You can save up to 40% by subscribing to the annual plan as compared to the monthly payment plan and to choose the monthly option you can select it by clicking the "Monthly" button to the left of our price.

Ques.2 Are there any discount offers available by Mangools?

Ans. We can offer special discounts on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday or other occasions during the year. In addition, one hour after registration you may receive a special time-limited early bird discount

Ques. 3 Can I only buy KWFinder?

Ans. No,  you can buy only kw finder because we do not sell our tools separately and all our subscription plans include all tools. Our tools cannot work without each other and are heavily mutually connects.

Ques. 4 When are the limitations fresh?

Ans. Limitations are refreshed every 24 hours. Calculations for this period begin after you submit your first request. After the limit is reset, the counter waits for your next "first" request to resume the 24-hour countdown.