Moosend is one of the leading platforms that provide you all the services that are related to marketing that helps your business to grow in the market. Moosend helps you to create one of the best landing pages for your business to generate traffic and grow. 


Features by Moosend


  1. Email Marketing: Email marketing is a great way to create a good audience of the viewers and then convert them into sales. With the help of creating engaging newsletters, you can easily convert sales. You can now easily send emails to various customers over different areas. Moosend even helps you to create segmentation among your audience this helps you to divide your audience depending on their needs and preferences. This feature even allows you to track the audience that has followed you who are coming from the social shares. This helps you to manage your work accordingly.


  1. Landing pages: These pages are created to run certain marketing campaigns and attract customers. A visitor directly lands to such pages when they click onto your webpage add or any link related to your website. Moosend helps you to create high converting landing pages in order that you can convert results out of it. You can easily create ultrafast loading pages with it.

  • Newsletter editing: Moosend provides you with a newsletter editing feature that provides you with a variety of templates. With the help of the drag and drop feature, you can easily customize your newsletter and grow your business. This feature helps you to maximize your engagement. You can design your own template add your own videos into the newsletter.


  1. Personalization feature: Moosend has one of the best personalization features that provides you a variety of forms and makes your inbox better. You can create your custom fields


  1. Report and analytic feature: This feature by Moosend helps you to save time and support accurate decisions for your business. You can easily track your own campaign. Check all the activities from where clients are coming. Moosend feature helps you to share all the reports and achieve better decisions. With the help of the analytics tool, you can measure your records and results in detail and do the study of it properly. This feature is really helpful if want to expand your business as you come to know about your growth and downfall easily.


  1. Marketing automation feature: One of the best features provided by Moosend that helps you to reduce your workload and relax. This is a unique marketing feature in which you need to sit back and your work is automatically done by Moosend. You just need to wait for the results. You can easily personalize the way you want your business to go in an automation mode. With the help of the drag and drop feature, you can make your work more easy and simple. Must try out feature if you have a medium or large scale business as it will reduce your work so much and ypu can grow faster.


  1. Forms: Another useful feature by Moosend that you can use for your business is to create subscription forms for your business. With the help of this feature, you can increase your reach and subscriber growth. You are been provided with a variety of forms that you can use for the business that suits you. Customization of the forms is very simple and easy only with the help of drag-drop features you can create your form easily.


Moosend is dealing in various industries and has helped successfully many businesses to grow over the internet and grow well easily. They help you to grow even in the field of e-commerce just like the amazon even the pricing of their services are not that high easily a business can manage to afford easily. Not only the pricing ut the excellent services are also been provided to expand your business at a large scale.


Reviews about Moosend


Moosend has been a great company overall people are liking their services a lot.  The best part about the company is that the prices are quite reasonable features that they give are really awesome. With the company’s helpful tips, people are able to work smoothly. The very professional work environment. Moosend has very amazing templets that people love to use. People are facing quite issues in authenticating domain names that the company needs to resolve. There are certain features in which the company is lacking that they need to work. Best for value for money. Customer service is the best overall the rating of the company should be 4.3 out of 5 that is quite impressive for any company.. If they work in some areas they can be the best in almost everything just they need to work bit on their bug fixing and they are all set to go. 



Q1. What products can Moosend track?

If you are using the Moosend plugin you can track your website behavior of the visitors that come on your website. You can select the automation method and see records according to it. You can track the Woo-commerce plugin the zen cart plugin an open cart plugin Magento plugin. These are the features that you can track


Q2. Where can I see the progress of the imports of the work?


Moosend provides you with a variety of options through which you can search and find the progress, To find the progress of your imported data you need to follow these steps

Click on the mailing lists that are located on your left side. Find the mailing list and enter into it. Click on the mailing list that you want to import to your file. Click the import members option and you can now find and check up your progress.


Q3. Is it possible to add SEO content on your landing page?


Yes, it is possible to add SEO content on your landing page very easily. First, click on the landing page on the left side of the dashboard. Select the landing page you need to work and add SEO Click on the new option on the landing page. Select a new campaign and select  SEO settings from the basic menu  Now from here you can easily add up all the SEO content you want for your landing page such as meta description content.