NordVPN is a virtual private network provider that provides you a secure private network that you can use freely. They provide you a tunnel on the internet through which nobody can see up your work on the internet and nobody can track it. NordVPN can be a very good and better option if you are tired of public access such as wifi. One of the best option if you want to keep all your browsing history private from the users.


Features by NordVPN


  1. Data protection: With the data protection provided by NordVPN it provides you with the best security. The data protection feature helps to save up your data from hackers. Now we will discuss the data protection feature how it works

When you browse the data and you search the internet so any data sent on the internet will be sent into splits so any here your data is passed through the VPN tunnels. With this private tunnel, no hacker can read your data. Even the government cant login to your internet history.


Ultra-fast connection facility: When you use the feature by NordVPN the buffering stops there is no throttling and you get unlimited bandwidth to work smoothly. NordVPN provides you with the fastest speed. You need to choose the location carefully. The company is working significantly improves the speed of the servers.


Uninterrupted streaming: NordVPN provides you one of the best streaming platforms while using the NordVPN streaming you can say bye to your buffering and have a very good experience. You get a better and fast experience when you download or use the internet without any lags. You can even access your content wherever you go. Watch your favorite movies and shows anywhere and anytime. The best part about this streaming is you are using your content privately. At times when you download or upload a lot of content from a single website, the internet service provider may block you for some time in order to check if everything is fine or not. When you stream on NordVPN you don’t need to care about the bandwidth limit. The company provides you with unlimited bandwidth and fast speed that gives you an amazing experience while streaming. With this feature, you can manage to connect up to 6 devices altogether. The smart play feature provides you with default apps through which you can do your streaming and have a great experience.

Privacy: NordVPN focuses a lot on its privacy and policy they help you to keep all your safety data and then secure with the NordVPN.

When you don’t check your privacy from the service provider there can be chances that your data can be stolen from cybercriminals not only this each website that you visits comes to know about your IP address that might be risky.


To use the NordVPN services follow the steps discussed below:

  • You need to download the NordVPNapp from the store in your device.
  • Now you need to login to your NordVPN
  • Once you have completed your login you can just click on the quick connect button this will automatically connect to use all the privacy services easily.

You can get your dedicated IP address: When you use any website the websites try to copy your IP address and then they can use all your data easily.

With the Help of NordVPN dedicated IP address, you can get a personalized IP address that is totally secure and nobody has the right to copy and use your data. You can secure your access to business services. With this NordVPN feature, you can even secure your payments. A dedicated IP can be useful in the way that nobody can have access to it easily. Only you can use it. You can use a dedicated IP with up to 2 devices that become more secure. The personalized IP address costs somewhere $70 that is quite reasonable 

Customer service: NordVPN provides you with 24*7 customer support that can help you to solve your problems. There is a contact us page that helps you to solve all your problems. With the help of the live chat,  you can chat with them and resolve your problems easily.

No data leakage: The DNS leak test by NordVPN helps you to find out the leakage of all your data easily. When you log in with your NordVPN it helps you to resolve all your problems and you can work smoothly with it without any fail. This way you will never lack the leakage of your data.




NordVPN is quite a decent company that provides you with good features that can grow up your business easily and effectively. NordVPn can aim to improvise their privacy options if they add on more servers in their systems. NordVPN provides you with an average speed that is quite decent for your business growth and development but if you have a large scale business it might affect you a bit. No leakage was found with the company that is quite decent. The company provides you with a kill switch feature that is quite useful. People are quite satisfied with their services and people recommend it to purchase it daily. With minimal cost and great support, the service company has maintained to grow regularly. Some minor lags was been found by the company if they work on them they can manage to be the number 1 company in the market. Now NordVPN does not allow PayPal payments but you can buy their services with the help of a credit card or by using the cryptocurrency that can be beneficial for you and your business. Cryptocurrency is very much safe and secure and you can use it as the mode of payment. Overall if we rate the company it is rated 4.25 out of 5 which is quite good for any company.



Q1. What is a kill switch is NordVPN?

Ans Kill switch is a great feature that is been offered by NordVPN that allows all the unprotected data not to enter your device it prevents all the unprotected data to enter. This feature disables internet access so that you can your internetwork smoothly.


Q2. When you use NordVPN where do our servers get located?

Ans  NordVPN servers are located at many places in Albania, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Hongkong, Newzealand, and even many more. You can check the website to find the servers where there are located. 


Q3. Do NordVPN offer a free trial?

Ans Yes NordVPN provides a free trial for around 30 days sign up bonus. With the 30 days plan, you get secured about and you get a full refund.


Q4. is it possible to become an affiliate with the NordVPN?

Ans Affiliate is a great source to earn money and yes NordVPN gives you a platform where you can partner with them and earn revenue out of it. To become an affiliate with NordVPN you need to register your self as an affiliate on the website and login yourself. Register your VPN affiliate and start growing