Pixelinternet is a very good company that provides you with affordable domain names and services. The company is Uk based and has created a good name in the market in the filed of domain name and hosting.


Features by Pixelinternet 

  1. Performance: All the services provided by the pixel internet is quite powerful in the performance
  2. E-commerce hosting: Our Ecommerce web hosting helps you to prepare the best quality eCommerce website that is easily accessible for your business.
  3.   Free tools: When we use the services by Pixel internet all the plans include 100 web tools to help to grow your business online in the best way. These tools are very much useful.
  4. Free domain transfer: Pixel internet provides you with a great feature to transfer the domain names for free no extra cost is been added into it.
  5. Another great feature by Pixel internet is about the webmail this feature helps you to create and design your own professional email id and your business mail
  6. Easy click and install: A good feature that can be sued by anyone even if you don’t belong from any technical background with the install and download option you can do majorly all of your work in the best possible manner this makes your work simpler and even time consuming and know computer or coding knowledge needed.




Fast SSD storage plan:

This plan is designed for beginners and small scale businesses who can’t afford much and initially don’t want to invest much. The plan is very much beneficial it includes the following features:

  • 100% SSD storage us been provided by pixel internet
  • Free SSL Certificate- This certificate helps you to protect your data from hackers and spammers to not copy your data without any permission.
  • 70+ clickable apps to make and design our website is a good and better way.
  • It is supported by windows Linux and WordPress. Giving you multiple options can help you to make up your work easier and you can design your website on whichever platform you want to.
  • 24*7 customer support service to resolve your problems any time 


VIRTUAL SERVERS: A virtual private server is a service that is been provided to you by the internet service provider. This type of server is very much useful as on such severs only your personal websites are been run on such servers. Such types of servers are safer than the other one and if you have a medium-size or large size business then such plans are been recommended.

 Pixel internet offers you a great virtual server plan that you can purchase for your business. The plan includes the following features:

  • Full scalability: The plan allows you to scale your business to the optimum level you can do. The plan will help you to scale your business to the maxim level.
  • Host multiple sites: With this plan by pixel internet you can run multiple websites on a single server without any lags. You will not even see speed slow on any of your websites.
  • Customizable: Once you have developed your website you can customize your website add and delete the tools from your website at any point in time this makes your work easier and you have to not create a website again and again.
  • The website works on both Linux and Windows platforms
  • Pixel internet aims to provide you 99.99% of uptime for your website
  • 24*7 customer support available.


Dedicated servers: These are powerful and dedicated servers specially designed for large scale businesses that get a large amount of traffic. These servers are high performance and very beneficial for your business.


The plan includes the following features:

  • Provides you with a quad-core processor that will make your work smoother
  • 1TB of SATA space
  • 16 Gb of ram that is included in it.
  • We, Will, work on both the platforms Linux and windows whichever you prefer you can use.
  • 99.99% of uptime
  • 24*7 customer and hardware support system.


REVIEWS (Pixel Internet)

Pixel Internet is one of the topmost companies and people really love their services a lot. With the domain transfer feature, most of the work of the clients are been done easily. People are really happy about their customer support service that resolves your problems as soon as possible. It has an easy to use interface through which people are easily able to control the panel very much easily. Most of the people without any technical language were able to use to is easy. The main problem that users face is no renewal messages and alerts ae been received by the clients this at a time creates a problem for their business but overall people are happy they recommend to purchase their services again if we rate the company the overall rating is around 4.4 that is quite impressive for any company.


Faqs (Pixel Internet)

Q1. How can I renew my services from Pixel Internet?

Ans. it is a very simple and easy process to renew all the services you just need to login to your dashboard. You need to enter into your billing area from the dashboard and you will be notified there when to renew and f you are paying monthly then we will automatically renew your services to make your work process easier.


Q2. How to cancel my services from Pixel internet?

Ans. It is a very easy process to cancel the services you first need to login into your dashboard. Next is to go onto your relevant service page there you will find out a request cancellation option you need to confirm and proceed further. Make sure once your cancellation is done all your data and work will be removed from our servers so it is recommended to create a backup before cancellation of your plan. To create a backup you can simply do from our website before your cancellation process. This way you can cancel your services from Pixel internet very easily without any interruptions and delay.

Pixelinternet Offers and Coupons
PixelInternet Dedicated Server 
Starts at £169.99/mo*
PixelInternet Dedicated Server 
PixelInternet Dedicated Server 
Starts at £99.99/mo*
PixelInternet Dedicated Server 
PixelInternet Email Hosting 
Starts at £1.99/mo*
PixelInternet Email Hosting 
PixelInternet VPS Hosting 
Starts at £49.99/mo*
PixelInternet VPS Hosting 
PixelInternet VPS Hosting 
Starts at £24.99/mo*
PixelInternet VPS Hosting 
PixelInternet VPS Hosting 
Starts at £13.99/mo*
PixelInternet VPS Hosting 
Pixel Internet Dedicated server Xeon Power 
Starts at £99.99/mo.* 
Pixel Internet Dedicated server Xeon Power
Pixel Internet Virtual Servers  
Starts at £10.99/mo.*
Pixel Internet Virtual Servers 
PixelInternet Fast SSD Hosting  
Starts at £2.49/mo.*
PixelInternet Fast SSD Hosting