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What is Ranktrackr?

Rank Tracker is also known as an SEO rank tracking application. this is the most popular and most used search engine. All this is done by SEO professionals to get granular insight into the state of the website. This requires them to be ranked at the local level with relevant details as well.

RankTrackr traditionally receives data by "10 results per page" per request, rather than the traditional "100 results per page" process used by most rank trackers to save resources. Additionally, we use an advanced approach to access ranking data for local tracking

They assure the highest possible accuracy for rank tracking at all global and local levels as RankTrackr uses some unique mechanisms in the background. To provide such accuracy RankTrackr use the main 3 concepts:

  1. Nearest access point allocation

When you add a keyword for rank tracking, Google sees and allocates the closest access point to the data-center according to the location setting of the rank track keyword.

This approach ensures that there are no discrepancies in ranking information that may be caused by a delay in synchronization between different Google data centers.

  1. Location and user simulation

After the nearest access point is determined, RankTrackr emulates a real user using GPS coordinates and without historical information with precise location settings that may affect the personalization of search results.

  1. Find Settings Options

Provides access to information with a result setting of a hundred per page by default. Following the rank track SEO industry standard. Also, Rank Tracker offers custom subscriptions with premium search settings (10 results per page) and 200 results search depth options.

Free trial of rank tracker

You can sign up for a 10-day free trial to see the tool in action. You are not billed during your free trial period. After ten days subscribe, upgrade plan and the total number of keywords that come with each scheme is limited by account, not by URL. In addition, each keyword that you associate with your location or mobile/desktop settings counts as a separate keyword.

Benefit  of Ranktrackr

  1. Tracking :

The tracking engine offers options that allow them to filter the area where they want to search the ranking of the website. To establish rankings, they are established by the zip code of country, region, city, or region and they can also strategize to reach the target audience of a website accurately.

  1. Vital data :

This function provides relevant and actionable information that they can use to enhance their SEO strategy to increase website ranking.

  1. Insight :

RankTrackr provides a graphical view of the agency's professionals for a look at the website's performance history. With these features, SEO professionals can pinpoint issues and strategize to resolve them faster.

4.Official report :

With RankTrackr, SEO professionals can assure customers to be able to provide branded and informative reports. Users can set schedules to automatically send reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to set email recipients.

  1. Emulative edge :

Enables them to learn from their competition so that they can emulate strategies that help them increase SEO ranking. RankTrackr has gained its competitive edge by empowering websites

  1. Tailor interference of the user :

RankTrack provides a flexible and customizable interface that users can design as per their taste. This allows them to work comfortably and easily with an application because they have a system that is familiar to them and suited to their work habits and processes.

Frequently asked questions

Ques.1 Does Rank tracker provide local and global search volume data?

Ans.Yes, both global and local search volume data provided by a rank tracker from Google adword as well as estimated CPCs.

Ques.2 How keywords are counted by rank tracker?

Ans. keywords that come with each plan are limited by account, not by URL. In addition, each keyword that you associate with your own location or mobile/desktop settings counts as a separate keyword.

Ques.3 How often does a ranking refresh?

Ans. Many daily refresh and on-demand updates prove unnecessary due to the high accuracy mode but RankTrack automatically refreshes rankings according to SEO industry standard.