RankTrackr is a new cloud-based keyword rank tracking tool. The company claims that this is the number one growth hacking tool for SEO. The tool comes with a unique feature that allows you to track your YouTube rankings. It provides a robust API and allows you to customize your data.

RankTrackr enables SEO professionals to determine a website’s ranking even at the grassroots level. The tracking engine provides options that allow them to filter the area where they want to ascertain a website’s ranking. They establish rankings by country, by region, by city, or by an area’s zip code. With this, they can produce strategies to accurately reach a website’s targeted audience.

With RankTrackr, SEO professionals gain insights into different statistical data such as Adwords data, search volume, and CPC. This function provides relevant and actionable information that they can use in enhancing their SEO tactics to raise the website’s ranking.