What is sendowl ?

Sendowl is a British company that is established in London. Sendowl is using for selling online digital goods and they allow to sell digital goods online. It connects to the payment provider so that you receive payment and it automatically delivers the files to buyers after the payment is completed. A six-year-old blue owl from a small wood in southern England is known as send owl.

Which products sell in send owl.

Software, audio, ebooks, videos, dress patterns, codes or any other digital file you can sell easily and also easy for you to sell a subscription. In Sendowl functionality means selling subscriptions directly and You may want to charge a recurring charge for access to your any digital goods or regularly release new articles, videos or MP3s and give them access to a set, recurring charges.

Three categories of the seller in sendowl.

  1. First, the seller can sell from social media accounts and email:- In this category seller use the buy button towards the point your buyers to a payment form.
  2. Second, the seller can sell from their own website:- In this category seller also need a website. Once you have a website you can add the Sendowl button to your digital goods pages so that consumers can buy your items. Checkout is also provided by Sendowl but does not provide product listings
  3. Third, seller sale from e-commerce software driven site some seller has a large number of products and therefore need a full-fledged e-commerce solution to manage their products list. Shopify specializes in physical goods and the leading world of eCommerce software. Seller also combines the Shopify and SendOwl and then they able to sell digital goods with an e-commerce backend.

Digital Products Send owl helps in selling any type of digital product such as e-books, crochet patterns, software. But also make services and physical products to sell.

Membership A new customer is added as a perk to a closed group, or is sold by accessing a subscription platform filled with carefully curated content that you can do with SendOwl as well as S2 Member Pro, Are integrated with Wishlist Members and Memberhouse.

Subscription Selling a subscription is easy. Issue a recurring fee for access to their products or regularly issue new articles, videos or MP3s and use them for a set, recurring fee

Drip function Drip functionality is available for subscriptions, one-time payment products and bundles. You can release it over several weeks, months or years to keep your customers hooked, or you can release your product all at once.

Using of self hosting in send owl

Self-hosting is used to describe the process where the file your customers are purchasing is hosted on our servers instead of ours. This can be beneficial if you want to optimize the file before downloading or where you use too much bandwidth each month and will therefore find it cheaper to host the files yourself.

This is done in two ways - first to ensure that the link appears on the download page only when the download period is active and second, to ensure that the link is aware of the termination when activated.

SendOwl allows you to enter your Amazon access key and secret because automatically add expiry information to any self hosted 3GB

SendOwl currently uses the v2 signature method, so your files must be stored in some AWS fields for this to work

Feature of send owl

Some important features of SendOwl are:

  1. Feature of Dropbox integration

Your customers now have the option to have access to a new digital product in Dropbox All they have to do is select 'Save to Dropbox' on the download screen It automatically shows on the download page for any command that has digital goods when the option is enabled under Settings and Downloads

  1. Fast downloading facility as standard

The downloads are now released from Edge, meaning they are very fast What Edge basically means is that your file is copied to 37 destinations worldwide, allowing your customers to automatically download from their nearest server.

  1. Trust icon on your cart

Adding the trust icon actually increases buyer confidence, go to the checkout option and add the trust icon and tick 'Show payment page trust icon'. On payment page. Customers will see our SendOwl logo, your payment gateway logo and a security lock.

  1. Searchsmarter

Dashboard search features improved search through products, orders and discount codes you can search easily any thing and this is veri simple

  1. Alwayshave options to continue shopping

Previously, purchase options existed only on the small screen or when your customers opened checkout in a new tab. Now, you have the option to display it. Go to checkout and checkout options and check the 'Always show cart issued shopping button'.


Review of sendowl

You can sell digital goods online from Sendowl and also sell the subscription. PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Bancontact, Giropay, ideal, sofort, BitPay and Shopify are supported by sendowl. Many options offers by sendowl for sharing your product page with customers on social media or on your website. Seller also easily create fully trackable discount codes, with total control over redemption based on time period, specific product/s or spend amounts. Easily create fully trackable discount codes with full control, based on time period, specific product. SendOwl has a quick launch process, and you can build sites for digital items, subscriptions, membership and drip-enabled content. Some features of SendOwl make it a very useful platform for selling digital and physical goods.


Frequently asked questions

Ques.1 What is the transaction fees of sendowl ?

Ans.There is no transaction fee, just a flat monthly fee. The gateway may charge a transaction fee each time it receives payment.

Qwes. 2 How many free trial days in sendowl?

Ans. Free trial is only 30 days billing begins only after the completion of the free days trial. Billing details should not be entered before your trial is completed. Payment is made by VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

Qwes. 3 How to add subscriptions on the 'Add to Cart' button

Ans. When purchasing a subscription, one has to agree to a specific recurring payment plan. This applies to specific members. Subscriptions are purchased through the 'Buy Now' button, not the 'Add to Cart' button.

Qwes.4 Can the discount code be applied to a subscription?

And. No, it cannot be applied for the subscription because it can quickly become confusing for everyone. 'Trial period for the same as exemption' is effective but it is built into the subscription itself and the membership is configured in the product settings page