Shockbyte Bigrock Edition
Shockbyte Bigrock Edition

Shockbyte Bigrock Edition @ $2.50/mo.*

  • RAM 1024MB
  • Recommended Slots 20, Control Panel Multicraft , DDoS Protection Guaranteed
  • Disk Space Unlimited , Bandwidth Unlimited

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Valid Till December 31, 2021

Shockbyte is a company dedicated to hosting, mainly as a server to play Minecraft. Its mission as a provider is to provide a high quality Minecraft hosting service at the lowest price. Their long history places them in the category of one of the best game hosting services such as Minecraft.

Whatever the Minecraft server project you are doing, the use of a specialized hosting is indispensable. This way, you can count on a professional service that adapts to the needs of a Minecraft hosting. That is, it offers connection speed and promises a pleasant and seamless gaming experience.

To play Minecraft with your friends or in a room with 1,000 players, you need a specialized and quality hosting. For this you will need to know the scope you need. After that, it will be important for you to take into account the opinions of users common to you.

The most frequent user of the services is the one interested in Minecraft and many other game styles. All those who have an online game option to share with several users.

In the opinions of the service it is recurrent the recommendation to use this hosting if you are just starting in this world of private servers for gaming. The Minecraft server hosting offered by Shockbyte is affordable at a low price guaranteed by them.

Within its official site, as well as in its social networks, you will find tutorials. These can guide you through the management of the Minecraft server, which they provide, which is much easier than it seems. As well as solve doubts, without having to resort to their customer service.

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Shockbyte Bigrock Edition 

Start at $2.50/mo

Bigrock Edition 

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Start at $2.50/mo

Minecraft Server Hosting 

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Start at $14.99/mo

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