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WPX Hosting

WPX Blistering offers premium managed WordPress hosting with a focus on website loading speed and extreme customer service.WPX Online Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner in a Package with Sub-30-Second Response Time, Free White-Glove Migration, Enterprise DDoS Protection, Free Custom Build CDN (Fastest CDN for WordPress) on our Live Chat Is all. The staging area, malware removal, and more. By improving website speed, you can get more visitors to increase visibility in search engines. Conversion rates are also higher in faster websites, resulting in more visitors joining your email list, clicking on links, purchasing products, or taking some important key steps. Delivered fast loading website was actually designed for WPX hosting.

(A) Importance of fast website

According to some studies, if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load 57%, all visitors will jump and go elsewhere. 80% of those visitors will never return and half of them will tell their network about their negative experience.

Walmart found that when the load time jumped from 1 second to 4 seconds, the conversion dropped rapidly. If you are selling products or offering downloads from your website, you will want to know. However, for every 1 second of improvement, he experienced a 2% conversion rate increase. Firefox reduced its site's load time by 2.2 seconds and increased downloads by an impressive 15.4%.

(B) Features of WPX Hosting

A well-managed WordPress host has a lot to offer. However, performance is usually the main reason website owners are prepared to pay a premium to sign up with these companies.

  1. WordPress Website Backups :

WPX Hosting will backup your website on a daily basis. For increased security, backup files are stored on a separate server and kept for 14 days. There is no charge for backup recovery, something must go wrong. You can also use your own backup solution that includes plugins like BackupBuddy or Backwrap and store files yourself.

  1. Word press website migration is totally free:

WPX Hosting provides a free site migration service. The migration service completes in 24 hours. The team will transfer your entire WordPress website from your current web host to your new WPX hosting account. The migration of emails associated with that website is also included in

the service. Plugins and tools are available that can help you migrate a WordPress website. However, this process is not always straightforward.

  1. Email service feature :

All WPX hosting plans include email, this allows you to send and receive email using the address associated with the domain name of your website. When setting up an email, you can send the email to another address, such as your Gmail account. Alternatively, you can use email on a client or smartphone such as Webmail, Outlook. Google Apps is also supported.

  1. Access of FTP/SFTP :

Although the WordPress WPX hosting client area is set up via the dashboard, you can also access your server space via FTP and SFTP. This gives you the ability to securely upload theme and plugin files through a file client such as an FTP client. You can use FTP to upload and download other files to your server location.

  1. 24 hours 7 days customer support :

WPX Hosting offers a 24 hour 7 days live text chat service as well as a help desk ticketing system. Responds quickly and helpfully to resolve issues and answer questions. There is also an online Knowledge Base, which should answer your questions and help you solve any issue.

(C) Pricing plan of WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting keeps things simple with its hosting plans and pricing. There are just three plans to choose from. The main difference between WPX hosting plans is the number of sites you can host in your account, how much storage you can get, and the amount of bandwidth you can use. If you own several websites or care about certain sites for customers, the $ 24.99 per month fee for this plan seems a lot cheaper. Also choosing to pay annually rather than monthly results in rebates.  A 30-day risk-free trial also offers by WPX Hosting so that you can try their service before you are fully committed.

(D) Review of Wpx Hosting

WPX Hosting is a fast web host that is very easy to use. If you want to upgrade the hosting provisions of your website or start a new project on the right track, WPX hosting is a great option. Three pricing plans remain simple and starting a new WordPress website is not easy. The free migration service will work for someone else with an existing WordPress website.

Compared to entry-level shared web hosting, WPX hosting and managed WordPress hosting are, in general, not cheap. However, with prices starting at $ 24.99 per month, including the ability to host up to five WordPress websites, WPX hosting is a more affordable option if you're ready to level up. When you need a fast website, one of the fastest and easiest ways to speed up your WordPress website is to choose a high-performance web host. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the benefits of a fast loading website, then this WPX hosting review will be of great interest.

(E) Frequently asked questions

Ques.1 Is hosting my website safe?

Ans. WPX Hosting is one of the most secure hosts available on the market for WordPress sites. Unlike other popular hosts, WPX hosts its own hosting server. Therefore, the team relies on in-house security solutions.

Ques.2 Does WPX Hosting sell SSL Certificates?

Ans. WPX Hosting provides a free SSL certificate provided by Lets Encrypt. They are always up to the best safety standards. But, they do not directly sell commercial SSL certificates. They help you integrate your purchased SSL without any cost.

Ques. 3 Is WPX Hosting SEO Friendly?

Ans. However, fast loading time is very good for SEO. One of the reliable and fastest WordPress hosting services is WPX which ensures twice as fast compared to other hosts. Therefore, define it as SEO-friendly managed WordPress hosting.

Ques. 4 Does WPX offer a money-back guarantee?

Ans. Yes, WPX Hosting provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. An entire month is a holiday to judge the quality of their hosting, server speed, customer support, and security.

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