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Indian Travel Influencers on Instagram

Travel influencers have their own channels on various social media platforms, where they provide material in the form of blogs, vlogs, and films on travel, tourism, culture, customs, and so on. The majority of them cover their own travel and personal tales, which they deliver to their audience in a creative and clear manner. Whether they chronicle their destinations and travel adventures in a glamorous or matter-of-fact manner as travel influencers india, the community of these influencers admires practically every word stated by the influencer. In recent years, there has been a surge of travel influencers who have physically travelled the world and shared their experiences on their social media platforms.

Among many of the number of self-proclaimed travel influencers who use their celebrity as nothing more than a window to exhibit their glitzy lifestyle and travel instagram influencers, there are certain travellers who, by their genuine passion of discovery, inspire others to create their own travel stories. Here is a list of 25 such travel influencers in India as travel influencers india if you aren’t currently following them, now is a wonderful time to start!

Traveling is an important part of life since it is the best way to unwind from a stressful schedule. It is equally important to have a diverse range of life experiences on Infilate. Traveling is an excellent technique to alleviate tension, worry, and sorrow. It also improves one’s mental and physical health. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the greatest Indian travel Instagram influencers to follow when you need a little motivation to take an unexpected vacation! These guys have travelled all across the world, including India.

The majority of India’s top travel influencers collaborate with prominent hotel chains, locations, and tourist boards to advertise on Infilate and evaluate them on their social media platforms. The top 10 Indian travel influencers on Instagram who have made their mark in the travel industry are listed below.

1. Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath had a pretty normal life until the day she decided she was done with her corporate life and she wanted to explore what lies outside of her comfort zone. Having authored a best seller “The Shooting Star”, as top travel influencers in india Shivya Nath believes the key is to travel slow and solo, seeking meaningful local experiences around the world. Follow her for stories that are genuine, offbeat and highly informative as top travel bloggers in india.

2. Ajay Sood

Having won the Outlook Magazine Photographer of the Year award and several other blogging contests, Ajay Sood needs no introduction in the travel space. Though he wears many hats such as a TBEX speaker and a travel blogger, photography is his forte as travel influencers india. Justly called Travelure, his Instagram feed takes you on a virtual tour of the true essence of India and its culture.

 3. Archana Singh

As a travel journalist, a brand management expert, a photographer and a public speaker, Archana ditches the “quit the job, travel the world” motto. All the travel pictures and stories from her “Travel See Write” blog are true testaments to what it’s that she travels for—reasons that extend beyond just adventure such as environmental awareness and women empowerment.

4. Nivedith Gajapathy

Nivedith, through his acclaimed works in leading travel magazines and editorials, establishes himself in an interesting niche or what you’d rather call as the future of travel blogging—macro travelling. Macro travelling means you don’t just “tour”; it’s more about your personal experience than about the destination as travel influencers instagram. Culinary tourism is his expertise and he’s also a tech enthusiast.

5. Siddhartha Joshi

What started as an evening timepass to share his travel story with his friends is now a consistently top-rating blog called Sid-The Wanderer as top travel influencers in india. “I blog, I design, I travel and it all started with my love and curiosity to study people”, says Siddhartha and his work speaks for it.

6. Seema Gurnani

Starting to food-blog while social media and blogging weren’t popular, quitting a good-paying job to pursue something because she feels like it, wanting to eat her way around the world being a vegetarian—there’s no wonder people look up to Seema for insider food and travel suggestions as instagram travel influencer.

7. Footloose Dev

Based in New Delhi, Devesh hadn’t even explored his native city until he met a group of like-minded travellers while backpacking across Himalaya. Little did he know the experience would kindle a neverending wanderlust in him! Apart from giving travel tips on Infilate, he also teaches people how to make money blogging. One of the best travel influencers in India at present.

8. Neelima Vallangi

Neelima speaks for sustainable tourism and also raises awareness about the changing travel ecosystem in her work on Infilate. Also, if you are a female looking for ideas and tips on solo travelling, start following her page right away as Indian travel bloggers on instagram.

9. Ami Bhat

“A restless ball of energy born with a travel bug”, says Ami when asked about herself. Want tips on how to juggle your full-time career with travelling? Ami Bhat is the best person to answer—she has over 15 years of experience in digital marketing which never stopped her from exploring the world.

10. Abhinav Singh

Fired from his job for taking too many days off (of course to travel!), Abhinav rather saw this as an opportunity that could free him off from his routine on Infilate. Filled with authentic pictures of the amazing locals he met while travelling, his Instagram profile is indeed a chicken soup for the souls with incurable wanderlust.

11. Swati and Sam

Don’t follow them if you have no plans of falling in love! Because these two can give you a serious case of couple goals as travel influencers india. Apart from visiting 16 international destinations on Infilate, they have also travelled to several offbeat cities in India.

12. Indrani Ghose

Indrani Ghose has a unique perspective in whatever she sees and her Instagram profile speaks volume about the same. They are beautiful, intriguing and definitely have some sort of mysterious vibe to them as top travel influencers in india. For travel inspiration along with a photography hack or two on Infilate, Indrani Ghose would be the best person to follow.

13. Amrita and Agni

#Couple alert! Here comes another travelling couple who believes in pushing the limits of their relationship by adventuring together as travel bloggers on instagram. Their blog “Tale of 2 Backpackers” gives you in-depth information on how to travel to the major tourist destinations in India in a non-touristy way.

14. Karthik Murali

As a data scientist with 13 years of experience on the road, Karthik Murali gives an interesting twist of tech to travelling. If you are into travel, tech and lifestyle,on Infilate  make sure you follow “An Asian Traveller” blog by Karthik.

15. Prachi and Himadri Garg

Sisters who travel together don’t fight (just kidding, they fight more). They believe impromptu trips are the ones that actually happen and there is no point in waiting for the “perfect time to travel”. Featured by CNN, they also believe serendipity is the most beautiful aspect of travelling.

16. Archana and Vidur

This biker couple says they started travelling when they decided they’ve had it with the “rat race” and wanted to hit the roads instead as top travel influencers in india. Follow them for in-depth knowledge on how and on Infilate where to find the best roads in India for bike trips. For road trips, they are one of the best travel influencers in India to follow.

17. Niranjan Das

Niranjan Das is a different influencer in the aspect that he believes travelling is not always glitters and gold and that’s what it is about as top travel influencers in india. Having been to 10 countries in Europe and several cities in India, he strives to document the root culture of the places he visits.

18. Revati and Charles Victor

9 years on the road covering 35 countries, wildlife tourism is Charles and Revati’s forte. They travel while still keeping their day jobs and their blog covers more than just their travel stories on Infilate from culture and lifestyle to people and experiences from around the world.

19. Mridula Dwivedi

Her top-rated blog “Travel Tales from India” got mentioned in BBC and the Guardian soon after she launched it and it only inspired her to do more of what she was doing only as a hobby as instagram travel influencers.

20. Mariellen Ward

It’s a treat to see a Canadian travel influencer’s view on how to explore India to the fullest. Also, the reason she was amazed by India so much that she went on to write a book called “Songs of India” is another good reason why you should follow her as top travel influencers in india.

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