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1. How to use BigRock coupons

Here is the step-by-step process to use the latest & verified Bigrock coupon codes:

  • Go to in type in BigRock in the search bar and press enter.
  • A list of offers/Deals codes will be displayed.
  • Click on ‘Show Coupon Code’ or ‘Activate Deal’ next to the deal you want to use.
  • Copy the Code and visit the BigRock website.
  • Select your plan, apply the discount code at the checkout page while placing the order.

2. Get Best Discounts and Offers, Save More on BigRock Deals and Coupons

BigRock Table 

Bigrock Discount Category

BigRock Offers & Coupons


Bigrock Digital Certificate

Starts at Rs 1425/Year

SSL Certificate

Get BigRock Windows Reseller Hosting

Starts at Rs 1599/Month


BigRock Linux VPS Hosting 

Starts at Rs 555/Month

VPS Hosting

Get .IN Domain

Starts at Rs 139/Year


.COM Domains Get

Starts at Rs 149/Year


BigRock Cloud Hosting

Starts at Rs 529/Month Cloud Hosting

BigRock Windows Hosting

Starts at Rs 109/Month Windows Hosting

BigRock CMS Hosting

Starts at Rs 99/Month

CMS Hosting

BigRock Code Guard Backup

Flat 10% off Code Guard

BigRock E-commerce Hosting

Starts at Rs 149/Month E-Commerce Hosting
Linux Reseller Hosting Starts at Rs 969/Month  Linux Hosting

Get WordPress Hosting

Starts at Rs 199/Month Wordpress Hosting

BigRock Business E-mail

Starts at Rs 35/Month E-Mail Hosting
BigRock Sitelock Security

Flat 10% off

Sitelock Security

BigRock DIY Website Builder

Starts at Rs 79/Month Website Builder

BigRock Windows Dedicated Servers

Starts at Rs 9799/Month Dedicated Hosting
BigRock Linux Hosting Starts at Rs 99/Month Linux Hosting

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What is Bigrock?

Bigrock is one of the leading companies that provide you with hosting services to set your business online and even set up your websites. Bigrock has good quality customer support. The support service is provided by e-mail, calls and even chat which is convenient for everyone to access support. More than 4 million users are connected with them across the globe and using their services. Bigrock aims to give you all the products related to digital marketing. These products give a good online presence.

Services provided By Bigrock

  1. Domain: Domain is the name of your website where users come and will access your content. This domain creates a user identity.
  • It even provides you with other domain services such as
  • Premium domains
  • Domain name prices to compare across the TDS
  • Domain transfer
  • Multiple domain transfer faster
  1. Privacy Protection: It is keeping some information private and protected against hackers.
  2. Name suggestion tolls: The Bigrock provides you with name suggestion tools which help you to find a good name.
  3. Hosting services: Bigrock provides you with the best quality technologies to make your presence online.
  • There are different types of hosting services provided in order to grow the business.
  • Linux hosting
  • Windows hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Specialized hosting
  1. Cloud hosting: It is a type of hosting in which multiple servers join all together in order to make the load minimize and maximize uptime. Cloud hosting is cost-effective.
  2. Servers: A server is a program in which your website data is stored and helps you to run your website over the internet.

Bigrock provides you with VPS Hosting, Linux based servers, and even windows based servers.

  • Email marketing strategies are been provided by Bigrock.
  • G Suite: this will basically help you to collaborate easily with Gmail hangouts and make your work more effective.

Features of Bigrock

  • Single domain hosting: This is generally used when you want to run a single website.
  • Provides you with URL masking: URL masking generally hides your domain name with the URL link. This is generally useful for the people who want to redirect to their website without showing their names.
  • Spam and virus protection: This process helps you to protect you from unwanted users who try to hack your website due to unwanted adds and messages. Spamming is booming daily hence these tools by Bigrock will keep your content safe.
  • Unlimited Email: The tools provide you to create unlimited email id which can help you in growing your business.
  • Autoresponder service: This service will help you to send mail automatically to different groups of people. At times when you are busy and you can't reply this feature replies automatically.

Why buy from infilate?

Infilate provides you with the best Bigrock coupons so that we can avail of massive discounts over the best service providers. The Bigrock coupons help you in getting different offers. We have researched the internet and worked to provide you the best Bigrock coupons. By using these Bigrock coupons we can get daily cashback as well.

FAQS (Why Bigrock)?

Q1. Is it simple using the Bigrock control panel?

It is very simple to use the Bigrock control panel. We just need to follow the steps below in order to use the control panel.

  • visit the Bigrock website
  • On the right side of the page, you will find a login button
  • You need to enter the login id and password
  • once your page login you will find your c panel
  • It is simple to access with step by step guide given of each and every tool.

Q2. How to use the DNS service of Bigrock

  • It's a simple process to use the DNS link
  • DNS service will only work if you click on the manage link first time.
  • You need to go onto DNS service interface
  • Activate the DNS service
  • Change the name of the DNS
  • You need to create various names for your domains
  • Now you can use your domain easily.

Q3. How can we claim a refund on BigRock?

  • To claim the refund first you need to keep some points in mind
  • The refund you requested it is not necessary that you will get the entire money back
  • Foreign exchange fluctuations matter a lot.
  • At times there is some money which the bank can deduct as a tax refund.
  • To get your refund you need to login to your reseller panel\
  • Go to menu
  • Then you need to go to my billing and you can claim for your refunds.
  • In the withdrawal description you can mention how you need to claim the refunds such as PAYPAL, CREDIT CARDS, etc.

Q4. How to find the most suitable hosting plan?

Before you are buying any hosting service first you need to check which hosting service will fit out your needs and desires. If you are just starting your online setup and don't need to cater to a large audience in the first go then you can startup with a small hosting plan which will be cheaper and secure. If you are really extremely ready to grow in the online world with a very large audience then you must go out with powerful hosting. This hosting will help you to protect your data as well as will handle large audiences easily.

Q5. Why are web servers so important?

Web servers are critical elements on the internet without these elements you cant function your website properly. These servers help you to transfer data from your website to the user who is visiting your website. You will be provided with a variety of web servers over the internet. Bigrock gives you different types of servers you can buy them according to your usage. The web server prices vary from low to high you can choose according to your needs.

FAQS (How to buy from infilate)?

Q1. Is it safe to buy Bigrock coupons from infilate?

Yes it is safe to buy Bigrock coupons from our website. As we are 100% trusted and with all the research these Bigrock coupons are been made.

Q2. How can you avail coupon benefits?

It is a simple process to avail the coupon benefits. You just need to go to our home page. Go to the Bigrock coupon click on get coupon option. The coupon is now ready to use. Once you have used the coupon you cant reuse it again. After you have availed the coupon you will be directly redirected to the Bigrock website where you can use it easily.

Q3. can we use the coupon multiple numbers of times?

We are extremely sorry to inform you once you have taken the coupon you cant use it multiple times But the coupons which we provide you will be beneficial for you all.

Q4. After purchasing a product can we make a refund?

You will be given a trial period in which you can take a decision after that it will be difficult for us to get you a return back. We do have our support team which will try and give you the best possible solution in order to help you out.


Q. I need to make a payment. Where do I go to pay?

A. Login in the Infilate account. Scratch the Coupon Code. You will be redirected to the Bigrock Hosting page where you can look for the type of hosting you want to purchase. In the Checkout section, you will find the Apply Promo code option. Use the Coupon Code there and avail the best discounts.

Q. How to avail coupon benefits?

A. You can discover Bigrock coupons through the Coupons Home Page, product detail page, search, product listing pages. You can use coupons by ‘collecting’ them first by clicking on the ‘Get Coupon Code’ button seen in these pages. After you have collected the coupon, you will be redirected to Bigrock official website.

Q.Do I need to copy and paste some coupon code?

A. Yes, you just have to click on “Get Coupon Code ” and copy the Coupon to ClipBoard. Use the Web Hosting Discount Coupon as you checkout.

Q. Can I collect a coupon now and make the purchase later?

A. Yes, It is possible. But make sure the coupon does not expire until you return back. The best practices are available at the moment. The collected coupon will be saved to your account. Bigrock is a good brand to work with.

Q. What happens if I want to return the item purchased using Coupon?

A. You will have a Period of accepting the service. Sorry, we won’t be able to help you after the trial period ends. But surely you can contact our Help Team at We will try our best possible ways.

Q. If I collect a coupon and purchase multiple quantities of the item, will I get the coupon discount on all items?

A. We feel sorry for the inconvenience but the Bigrock Coupons discount will be applied only to one service of your purchases.