ResellerClub offers many more services for those seeking standard web hosting and domain services. In addition to serving more than 5 million domains and customers in more than 150 countries, the hosting provider has crafted among the most diverse portfolio of solutions that we've ever seen.

At the shared hosting level, prospective customers can choose from various options for Linux- or Windows-based plans, plus a trio of plans from sister company HostGator. Both are owned by Endurance International Group, as well as Bluehost, which appears as a choice for VPS and dedicated servers. Buyer beware, however: the Bluehost and HostGator plans are resold at a slightly higher price than if purchased directly from either provider. The different brand options, however, become extraordinarily helpful for resellers looking to boost their own offerings.

In addition to virtual servers powered by Bluehost, ResellerClub offers two varieties of VPS plans, based on either KVM or Virtuozzo virtualization. Dedicated servers of the Bluehost, managed, or bare metal variety can all be purchased at affordable rates and with whatever operating systems or control panels you prefer.

All in all, ResellerClub is a one-stop-shop for hosting consumers of all varieties and levels of expertise. In addition to the shared, VPS, and dedicated choices, the company includes cloud hosting, three varieties of site builders, managed WordPress hosting, along with add-ons for email, security, and backups. Most hosting plans come with an above-average 99.99% uptime guarantee, along with 24/7 support through phone, chat, and email. 

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ResellerClub SiteLock Website Security 

Start at Rs.67.91/mo

SiteLock Website Security 

ResellerClub Comodo SSL Certificate 

Start at Rs.47/mo

Comodo SSL Certificate 

ResellerClub CodeGuard Website Backup 

Start at Rs.100/mo

CodeGuard Website Backup 

ResellerClub Weebly Website Builder 

Start at Rs.340/mo

Weebly Website Builder 

ResellerClub Online Website Builder 

Start at Rs.135/mo 

Online Website Builder 

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ResellerClub G Suite 

Start at Rs.1428/year

G Suite 

Reseller Club Business Email Hosting 

Start at Rs.30/mo

Business Email Hosting 

ResellerClub Enterprise Email Hosting 

Start at Rs.75/mo

Enterprise Email Hosting 

ResellerClub Managed Dedicated Servers 

Start at Rs.11560/mo

Managed Dedicated Servers 

ResellerClub HostGator Dedicated Servers 

Start at Rs.5000/mo

HostGator Dedicated Servers 

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ResellerClub Bluehost Dedicated Servers 

Start at Rs.5545/mo

Bluehost Dedicated Servers 

ResellerClub Windows Dedicated Servers 

Start at Rs.9400/mo

Windows Dedicated Servers 

ResellerClub Dedicated Servers 

Start at Rs.7700/mo

Dedicated Servers 

ResellerClub Bluehost VPS Hosting 

Start at Rs.1090/mo

Bluehost VPS Hosting 

ResellerClub Plesk VPS Hosting 

Start at Rs.490/mo

 Plesk VPS Hosting 

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Reseller Club VPS Server 

Start at Rs.490/mo

VPS Server 

ResellerClub Cloud Hosting 

Start at Rs.350/mo

Cloud Hosting

Reseller Club Joomla Hosting 

Start at  Rs.140/mo

Joomla Hosting

Reseller Club Drupal Hosting 

Start at  Rs.140/mo

 Drupal Hosting 

Reseller Club WordPress Hosting 

Start at Rs.205/mo

 WordPress Hosting 

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ResellerClub Windows Reseller Hosting 

Start at Rs.1280/mo

 Windows Reseller Hosting 

ResellerClub Linux Reseller Hosting 

Start at Rs.745/mo

Linux Reseller Hosting 

Reseller Club Hostgator Shared Hosting 

Start at Rs.115/mo

Hostgator Shared Hosting 

Reseller Club Shared Windows Hosting 

Start at Rs.235/mo

 Shared Windows Hosting 

Reseller Club Linux Shared Hosting 

Start at Rs.140/mo

Linux Shared Hosting