Serenity Servers only has a couple of games available on their platform, although, most of you will likely be wanting one of the games they have to offer. Serenity Servers uses TCAdmin, which altogether is a fairly good game server control panel, but, again it’s very moderate. The best game server hosting providers are using custom control panels to make sure that all the functions are appropriate and extend much further than traditional control panels like TCAdmin.

Server locations can improve your overall performance, due to their 1Gbps connection the closer the player is to the location, meaning ultimately you’ll increase you player base loyalty.

Here is a full list of Server locations:

  • California, Los Angeles
  • New York City, New York
  • Texas, Dallas
  • Beauharnois, Canada
  • Miami, Florida
  • London, England
  • France, Strasbourg

All of these areas will likely hold your players with a steady connection, however, there are hosting providers with over double the amount of locations provided by Serenity Servers.


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SerenityServers Web Server Hosting 

 Start at $1.42/mo

Web Server Hosting 

SerenityServer Cloud Hosting 

 Start at  $3.99/mo

Cloud Hosting

SerenityServers Team Fortress 2 Hosting 

 Start at $12.87mo

Team Fortress 2 Hosting 

SerenityServer Counter-Strike 1.6 

 Start at $0.53/slot

Counter-Strike 1.6 

Serenity Servers Counter-Strike Source 

 Start at $12.87 /mo

 Counter-Strike Source 


SerenityServers Discount Category   

SerenityServers Offers & Coupons


SerenityServers Counter Strike-Go: Hosting 

Start at $12.87/mo

Counter Strike-Go: Hosting 

SerenityServers Garry’s Mod Server hosting

Start at $12.87/mo

Garry’s Mod Server hosting

SerenityServers Minecraft Server Hosting 

Start at $3.86 /mo

 Minecraft Server Hosting